When you get back to the top, make sure to collect BEST LAID PLANS (DOCUMENT 13/21) behind a waterfall near the lift. (screenshot) At the top, turn right and grapple swing across to a ledge with another document (4/21), A Good Man from The Prisoner's Dilemma series (Russian). (screenshots), At the top, turn right, pick up some loose feathers, and then scramble up the painted wooden wall. SAVING, CHECKPOINTS & TECH SUPPORT: This game incorporates autosave checkpoints. Go through, get some ammo and herbs, and then use your axe to activate another mechanism. Then use the 2 dangling platforms to jump across to the ledge where the archers were standing. There's only one place to swim to, so once you reach it, climb the white-marked wall to your left. Move around to the other side of the steaming vat and stand by the spinning rope spool. Here's the sequence: Stand near the spinning rope spool and wait for the lower of the 3 revolving platforms to move around toward the tall, light-colored stone ledge on the east side of the room. Bravo's Legacy . (Or fast travel to the Sheltered Ridge camp and zip line down to the southwest.) Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Continue and you'll automatically collect THE FORMULA (DOCUMENT 6/21) (Not pictured). As you climb, Nadia contacts Lara over a walkie talkie she found. Defeating the Witch - Search the Cave for the Witch, Use the Witch's Cave Base Camp. EXPLORING AFTER THE WITCH IS DEFEATED: After a cutscene with a touching family reunion, you're back in the round room near the Witch's Cave Base Camp. If you look through the bars on the right you'll see another document. The Rise of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough guides you through every stage and location in this Tomb Raider sequel, including puzzle solutions. Feel free to copy or print this walkthrough for personal use. The separate Baba Yaga Collectibles guide includes additional tips for return visits. Gather the seedpods from any of the caves marked with pink beacons. (screenshots), Now climb onto the wooden ledge that juts out into the pool. So move into the alcove on the right. Chasing Grandpa - Track down Nadia's missing Grandpa in Eastern Canyons. Stay alert for other enemies, and check the main walkthrough if you need help navigating this area. (screenshots), Follow the passageway to a small workroom. As you climb out of the water in a huge, round room, a cutscene kicks in. Start by heading into the caves to find 5 spores and then hunt down 2 deer to get 2 deer livers. Facing Nadia, head northeast. It is The Formula, also part of The Prisoner's Dilemma series (Russian), which details the ingredients for the antidote. Are you sure you want to remove this bookmark? Season of the Witch (10 points): Baba Yaga: Collect 50% of the Documents in the Wicked Vale. Still work in progress… If this is your first time, you can check the Challenge Tomb walkthrough for details. Talk to Nadia further and follow the on-screen prompts accept her mission. … Its poison arrows actually shoot pollen that confuses enemies. Go through the gate to the southeast, climb the yellow ladder onto the boxcar, jump across to the roof of the next building, and then jump into the doorway of the building ahead on the left. (screenshots), As Lara mixes the antidote, Nadia warns her of an approaching enemy patrol. the problem is everytime i use the rope arrow to raise the lift the one next to it lowers, there's absoloutly no reason for it to do that and it's preventing me from getting the acheivment. Baba Yaga: Complete every Wicked Vale Score Attacks with a gold score. This means you will have to fight the witch while under the influence of the pollen. You'll need to jump onto the first platform, wait just briefly for it to descend, rasing the platform in front of it. No part of this walkthrough may be reproduced on another site without permission. Baba Yaga: Complete every Wicked Vale Score Attacks with a gold score. (screenshots), Before going any farther, take out an archer who spawns on the far side of the room. (screenshot) Then jump across the ledges to the far side of the canyon. 31.69% (70.0) Sisters of Artemis. Notice that the lever that opens this vat is a bit farther away. “Wicked” taps into the darkness rooted inside all of us. This opens the vat, and the resulting explosion blasts the witch across the room. Full list of all 143 Rise of the Tomb Raider achievements worth 2,250 gamerscore. Head into the water and look for a hole in the wall to the right. This will allow you to fast travel back here later if necessary. The Witch Bottles . Can't get into Wicked Vale (ROTTR) Close. Head back to Nadia and use the new path that go upstairs.You will find BABA YAGA'S BROOM (RELIC 1/1) to the left and GRANDMOTHER SERPENT (DOCUMENT 17/21) to the right of the ladder room. (screenshot) The one to the south is where we're headed next. Full list of all 143 Rise of the Tomb Raider achievements worth 2,250 gamerscore. Is there something I missed!?! The Rise of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough guides you through every stage and location in this Tomb Raider sequel, including puzzle solutions. THE WITCH'S ARMY (DOCUMENT 15/21) is on a table in the building just after the base camp. (screenshots), Search the packs the enemies dropped and gather more ammo and supplies. If you've heard the Russian folktale Baba Yaga, this will sound familiar. This will allow you to raise the third platform, next to the spool, but don't bother doing that yet. SAWMILL IN THE SOVIET INSTALLATION: After installing the Baba Yaga DLC (see the notes above), load your current save and fast travel to the Logging Camp Base Camp in the Soviet Installation. *NOTES: This DLC is part of the Rise of the Tomb Raider Season Pass and can also be purchased separately through the Xbox Live Marketplace or Steam. 10. (screenshots), Now do your best to avoid the witch's fireballs as you work the vat and lever just like you did back in the canyon near the beginning of the level. THE LAST WORD (DOCUMENT 11/21) will be in the hole. When the cauldron is above the vat, release the Aim button and pull the handle. (screenshots), Since you've already used this vat, it no longer works, but you will need to fight 2 more archers and 3 swordsmen before you can move on. Grab AMONG THE REMNANT (DOCUMENT 14/21) near the base camp. Dan. Equip the Wraithskin outfit and get 50 kills with it to unlock: Baba Yaga: Kill 10 enemies while wearing the Wraithskin outfit, Baba Yaga: Kill 50 enemies while wearing the Wraithskin outfit. I have 9/10 lanterns shot. Next go to the bottom crank and lock the two platforms on the third interval. You'll fall into the water and start to be affected by the pollen again. Stand near the spool and shoot the witch to make her duck. This will tether the cauldron to the spool, gradually pulling the cauldron in toward the distilling vat. BUG NOTE: Make sure to use the base camp to activate it. By all means, share it with friends, but please include this credit line so people can send me their feedback. ENTERING THE WITCH'S CAVE: Before you reach the cave itself, you come to a round room containing a bunch of ammo, a dead soldier, and another document (15/21), The Witch's Army from the series Bravo's End. Are you sure you want to remove this bookmark? (screenshots), After this, Nadia contacts Lara by radio. The Witch Bottles . (screenshot) You won't need it if you followed this walkthrough, since it will be your last pickup. (screenshot), From here, jump back onto one of the moving platforms and ride it around to the ledge with the vat on the northeast side of the room (C on the map). All rights reserved. Then run another rope line from the first winch to the large spool above the 2 platforms, just as you did before. (screenshots), Now, continue making your way around the room counterclockwise by sliding down the zip line to the right of the third vat. When the lowest spinning platform is near the edge, tie the spinning rope post to the pulley above the two stationary platforms. Equip the Dreamstinger bow. Go through the linear path, hallucinating about Lord Croft, until you end up in an arena. (NOTE: If you have not yet unlocked the Combat Knife, you can just skip this step.) (screenshots), Dive into the pool and climb out on the ledge where you started. TORN APART (DOCUMENT 5/21) is behind it. This will be familiar if you raided the Voice of God Challenge Tomb earlier. (If you fall into the water you won't be able to climb out on the ledge where you started, but you can swim to the base of the climbing wall on the right and latch on with your axes.) She travels by flying … Then jump onto the second platform and scramble up the wall ahead. Rise of the Tomb Raider … Crank the winch again to move the platforms. 4 years ago in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Wicked Vale is the extra stage of Rise of the Tomb Raider, added in the Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch DLC. Pull up again, move forward, grab some pistol ammo, and use your axe to pry the hook off the gear mechanism on the left side of the wooden ledge. For Rise of the Tomb Raider on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Wicked Vale Challenge - Soviet Installation". For Baba Yaga Score Attack, go to the Score Attack section of this walkthrough. The base game contains 66 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore, … You may also want to save the game in a new slot (or change save slots on Xbox/PS4) in case you have trouble with the upcoming boss fight. After you collect the 5 seedpods, there will still be 2 pink marker beacons on your map. Full list of all 143 Rise of the Tomb Raider achievements. Lara speaks with Nadia over the radio as she examines the machinery. This raises the platform on the right and lowers the one on the left. Full list of all 143 Rise of the Tomb Raider achievements. Watch out for wolves and Trinity patrols while in this area. When the coast is clear, return to the ‘Copper Mill yard’ base Camp and fast travel back to the ‘Wicked Vale’ Base Camp. I can see where the final lantern is - it's on the left as you ride the lift across the valley, below an arch. Shoot the witch again to make her duck down. Go forwards until you see a small path to your left. Note that the Challenge Tombs: none  Crypts: none  Challenges: 1  Missions: none* Greetings person looking at this! Shoot the witch again to prevent her from cutting the rope as the spool draws the cauldron in. The challenge in the Wicked Vale is shooting down ten lanterns. Dig it up and unlock: Baba Yaga: Unearth all Survival Caches in the Wicked Vale. Rise of the Tomb Raider. Drop down into the excavation pit and look for another document (9/21), Taking Risks from the series Grandfather's Journal (Russian), on the ground to the right. First deal with the witch's minions, who drop down from the ledge on the southwest side of the room and try to flank you. Survival Instincts will show you where to go with the pink beacon. Note that the Just use rope arrows to pull the levers at each end in order to start the gondola moving. Pull down the roped wall to climb the craggy rock wall behind it. Rarely do I play a game to 100% completion but with RotTR I couldn’t possibly help … TurkeyOnRye360's achievements for Rise of the Tomb Raider, they have unlocked 635 gamerscore from 38 achievements. Defeat them. Complete History of Witchcraft (20 points): Baba Yaga: Collect all of the Documents in the Wicked Vale. This time around, the trippy-ness won’t kick in, so follow the set route through the initial area until you reach the forest. It will be flooded. Climb down, loot the bodies, return to the base camp, and fast travel back to the Wicked Vale Base Camp. (screenshots), Now the water level begins to rise. It is Not Worth Living from the series Dreams in the Witch House (Russian). You're now overlooking the large, round room. DREAMS (DOCUMENT 19/21) is here. If you do see it, there are tips on defeating it in the Logging Camp Second Visit walkthrough. The Witch Bottles (10 points): Baba Yaga: Unearth all Survival Caches in the Wicked Vale. After obtaining the last document, drop down onto the wooden ledge below. (If she does, you'll need to scramble back up to the vat and spool to try again.) for (i=0;i