Vasudaiv Kutumbkam

The Millennium School, Batala organized Vasudaiv Kutumbkam, an amalgamation of class presentations as part of the school's Talent Development Plan today on 27 July 2019 amidst a large presence of parents, guests, and management. During the event, students of Grades KG to VIII registered their formidable presence through various acts of drama, orchestra, contemporary dance, poetry, rhythmic yoga, posters on the universe and crafts of headwears of various nationalities, rhythmic skating. The idea behind the event to generate a feeling of oneness of the whole world since Indian civilization believes in the notion that the whole world is one family. After the event, "FIREWORKS" which was an exhibition of summer projects was inaugurated by the school Chairman Varun Khosla and Payal Khosla. This exhibition had on display all projects, models, illustrations, aquariums, forests through which children were made to realize the significance of wonders of the universe. The presentations ended with appreciation by the parents and guests and expression of thanks by the Principal. Through such events, the school endeavors to nurture true internationalism and the spirit of participation to gain more confidence.

Monday, July 29, 2019

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