Chairman’s Message

Learning starts in infancy, long before formal education begins and continues throughout life”.

The Millennium School Sitapur Road Lucknow is a dynamic learning community that has at its core positive and constructive relationships where the expectation is high... learning is relevant, deep and real... where structure and support facilitate progress for every student. There is a strong emphasis on striving for personal best and on the holistic development of the student. Encouraging and affirming relationships define our learning community. We’re a vibrant, friendly and co-educational day and boarding school that combines opportunity, potential and balance. We’re also forward-looking and adopt international educational practices. All this underpinned by secular & cultural ethos and strong core values.

The school culture encourages students to innovate and take risks when developing new ideas and considering solutions to problems. Hostel life generates team spirit and collaborative experience. Our school promotes a set of values, which empowers students to make positive contributions to the school and the wider communities. Our students live and learn by our values. We celebrate the diversity of our community.

Why Millennium?

In MLS children are encouraged to develop a love of learning together with the skills, resources and motivation to fully experience lifelong education. School provides high quality education through a relevant and stimulating curriculum in a secure and purposeful environment. We integrate digital pedagogies throughout the curriculum. Classroom spaces are carefully organized to support learning. Our well-resourced facilities and beautiful grounds create a sense of place.

Fostering a strong partnership between the family and the school through clear and continuous communication is a key element in students’ success at Millennium. All parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education and in school events and decision-making opportunities.

MLS aspire to develop students who will thrive in the new millennium. We understand that students need to have greater thinking and problem solving abilities and be more self-motivated than ever. Our teachers support and guide our students to be thinkers and enquirers, who wonder and pose questions.

Ram Avtar Agarwal
The Millennium School
Sitapur Road, Lucknow


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