Research & Development

The Research & Development team of Millennium Education Management with over 300 professionals and specialists in the field of education has been working to create content for the entire K-12 segment for Millennium Group of Schools. Each member of the team has a unique identity and specialization that adds to the diversity, sensitivity and development of the Millennium Learning System. It also ensures smooth implementation of curriculum developed and designed by its team. Rigorous training programmes for Principals, Master Trainers, Facilitators and the Counsellors are held to reiterate the philosophy and methodology of every intellectual property created. There is a robust blend of optimism, vision, questioning, far-sightedness, hard work and quality consciousness amongst the members of the team. This provides a healthy platform for interaction, innovation, growth and change. A dedicated and visionary team of special educators, researchers, engineers, analysts, designers, illustrators and technicians work together towards building a futuristic tomorrow for every child.

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