The Millennium Learning System

The philosophy of the Millennium family is simple - Teach the way the child Learns, focussing on the philosophy that every child is unique. MLS is a scientific research based and award winning curriculum which is apt and loved by all children today. It is divided into five approaches-

Little Millennium

LM or Little Millennium, which opens the doors to learning for little ones is about Learning through Play. Activities, experiencing through the five senses and adding beautiful memories which impact a child for lifetime is an integral part of this phase of early childhood development. It follows an Eclectic approach which has been designed by a team of experienced educationists and is based on intensive research and analysis. Children between the age of 0-5 learn through exploring and experiencing and they are taught just that way.


MLS I is uiquely designed for the age group of 6-10 years. Children in this age Learn by Doing and they are given ample oportunities to experience concept building through projects.This age group follows the Project Based Approach which enhances their skills and makes them future ready with key aspects like critical thinking, problem solving, logic and reasoning, analysinga nd much more beyond the four walls. Children apply their knowledge and understanding through over 300 exciting concept based projects in this age.


MLS II is aptly suited for the age group 11-12 years. Chidlren at this age seek logic and reasoning un every concept which is taught to them. This age group follows the Apprentice Based Approach wherein the curriculum uses models and protagonists to explain concepts and introduce children to a world of vocations which awaits them ahead of schooling. These are all linked to real life projects and are useful especially for children to decide their area of interest.


As children step into adolescence at 13 years, they grapple with multiple questions about their self and future. MLS III curriculum is based on helping child map their knowledge to real life and hence this age follows the Mind Mapping Approach to Learning. They are also taught several memory strategies, graphic organizers and mind maps which help them to achieve academic success.


MLS IV curriculum is designed for 15 -16 years olds who are at a crucial juncture of life as they are posed with challenging choices and external assessments all of which can prove to be very daunting. MLS IV follows the Brain Based Approach to learning and provides them with strong concept clarity, critical thinking and decision making skills, and ample drill and practice which makes them Examination Smart but also ready to face the world.

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