special assembly by the students of Class- I was conducted as a remembrance of the martyred souls.

Martyr’s day, also known as Sarvodaya Diwas, is the most poignant day in the Indian history. It is a day when Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by Nathu Ram Godse in a public gathering. It is celebrated all over India on 30th January.

On this day not only the prime minister and chiefs of the armed forces salute the martyrs at India Gate but also common men show their gratitude towards them by giving up their normal activities for the same time and observing silence for 2 minutes. A skit based on teachings of Mahatma Gandhi was presented by the students. Students presented a choreography which was liked by everyone.

At last, Principal Mr. Harjinder Singh Turna appreciated the efforts of students and reminded them of their duties towards our motherland.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019