The Impact of Technology on Education

Millennium World School, the best CBSE School in India, known for innovation and for bringing about a revolution in education, is now at a location near you. Education is ever changing and ever progressive. It is the best tool to impact the lives of children and bring about a change which will further shape the 21st century for generations to come. Millennium World School, the leader in CBSE schools in India, is also known for revolutionizing education through the use of technology.

Education and Technology go hand in hand. Education forms a basis for technology whereas technology has contributed to the purpose, methods and perceived the potential of education. Technology has changed and improved the quality of education. It has further improved the transparency in the educational process; streamlined career development programs, faster methods to conduct exams, improved staff management methods, real-world problem-solving assignments, and projects. Keeping these key areas in mind, the Millennium world school, ranked among the top 10 CBSE schools in India, has played a pivotol role in using technology innovatively to make education more meaningful, fruitful and apt for the 21st century.

Technology has helped to create new and updated educational material and syllabus. The new books are more visually inspiring, they contain more images which can portray a deeper message to the child.  Today, Corel draw, Microsoft word, excel, power point, smart class app, Adobe Photoshop etc. are helping to create and design various types of educational material. At the Millennium World School, technology has played a key role in making books visually appealing, more effective and interactive to make the learning journey joyful for every child. The school is surely the best CBSE school for your child, now at a location near you. Visit the campus to experience the amalgamation of technology and education which is further empowering every child with the 21st-century skills. Building a futuristic India through our future leaders today is the Millennium World School.

Technology has improved teachers and students correspondence. It has created a platform for students to post questions and answers. Teachers are updating themselves with technologies so that they can implement well. Technology helps to identify security concerns in schools. Keeping schools in a safe – secure environment is the primary concern for school authorities and parents.  Installation of CCTV cameras, monitoring the layout, use of e-cards at the entrance gates and verification of all staff credentials, are mandatory. These are a few basic things that must be followed by authorities to secure and build a sound, safe educational environment. Integration of technology in classrooms will help in research and inventions. It improves the research from facts to accurate and real-time data and information. One is able to identify the reasons behind a student’s poor performance and take measures to rectify them. Use of online quiz, designed games to identify intentions and motivation behind student’s activities. When used properly, technology enables students to competently use digital productivity tools, become better decision makers- problem solvers, effective researchers and evaluators, successful communicators and collaborators.  They become more informed citizens who eventually end up making significant contributions to society. Let the best CBSE franchise school take you through the exciting journey of technology through education.

Although technology has taken hold in many of today’s schools, the concept requires continued cultivation in order to grow and completely revamp the landscape for learning. Let your child be the next technology wizard impacting and shaping future for generations to come. Be a proud Millennium parent with the best CBSE school. Call or email now to know what is in store for your child.

Building a Stronger India by Inculcating Values and Skills in Children at the Millennium World School

Values and skills are an integral part of education system. They are two tyres of a vehicle and without any one of them, the vehicle won’t be able to move an inch forward. Perfect education will be inconceivable if it fails to inculcate values as they are indispensable for holistic lifestyle. This is what we believe at the Millennium World Schoolthe best CBSE school catering to the need of every child. Inculcating values, building a culture of sensitivity, ownership and responsibility is our mission in 2019.

 The role of education has increased many folds as it is no longer restricted to teaching to 4R’s i.e. Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Reasoning. The need of the learner to become successful is life is to be passionate, solve problems, think critically, to be able to look at the things differently, work independently as well as with others and create a balance in between life and work, a culture best seen at our campuses, which are ranked among the top 10 CBSE schools in India. In other words, the real goal of education is to equip a child with values as well as skills that are essential to meet the challenges of everyday life.

The world is growing at a very fast rate. Values and traditions are slowly and steadily vanishing from the face of the Earth. So, it is imperative that the next generation is equipped with the right balance of traditional values and progressive thinking so as to be able to adjust in the world that is changing every nanosecond. Hence, in order to achieve this target, we need a modern curriculum that is combined with innovative learning techniques which your child can experience at the Millennium World Schoolthe best English medium school near you. For example- Humanities should stand next to Science, Mathematics next to Arts and Languages so as to provide a complete pedagogy to the learners.

Due to unlimited access to internet and information, all the barriers and boundaries have vanished. Hence, learners are often caught up in tricky situations that require not only skill application but at the same time check their value system too. It is under such situations that a holistic education program that is an amalgamation of skill based knowledge as well as values, comes to the learner’s rescue.

Life skills such as critical thinking, ability to interpret, reflecting on thoughts and actions, communication, interpersonal skills and, above all, ‘learning and relearning’ to adapt to ever-changing new situations in life are dealt with consciously through the education process and our award winning curriculum the Millennium learning system. Making the learners visionaries, futuristic in approach and able enough to handle any situation coming their way is the best K -12 CBSE school now at a location near you. Visit the campus to experience the magic and joy of learning at every step.

India has a rich culture and heritage and it has been due to the fact that the value system in India has been the guiding light for many decades. Therefore, education has to empower itself so that the tradition of values remains intact and at the same time the curriculum is progressive and equipped and is able to shape up the future of the learners keeping the global scenario in mind. If you too share the same thought then this is the school for your child. Be a proud Millennium Parent today and give your child the experience of activities and exciting projects at India’s best CBSE school, Millennium World School.

Shaping the 21st Century through our Children at the Millennium World School

The world has changed over a period of time and this massive change has showed its effect on the education system also. Due to this, now the schools, as well as the education process, have to be re-imagined. Gone are those days when the learning could happen strictly within the confinement of four walls that were named as classrooms. Today, the learner is dynamic. He is aware. The learner is exposed to information, most of the times unintentionally, during his/her formative years through mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. Creating this ambiance for our future leaders is the Millennium World School, the best CBSE school near you.

Children of 21st century are different. From cradle to career, they are exposed to technology and information and hence, they need new skills as well as knowledge in order to become successful in life. Rather than conceptual learning, it is the skills that are more important to the children belonging to the 21st century so that they can build a future that they have envisioned. There has been a rapid shift in technology from the 20th century. Now, the learners are trying to explore the unconventional fields of photography, writing, retailing, management and so on and all of this requires accessibility to skill-based education. Giving this exposure to our children becomes imperative and that is why the Millennium World School is more of an experiential learning school, with an innovative curriculum and of course ranked among the top 10 CBSE schools in India.

Conventional education prepares the children in their core subjects but the need of today’s world is skill application. The learner in order to survive in this fast growing and competitive world should be endowed with the skill of problem solving as well as critical thinking. We have to prepare the learners of the 21st century for jobs and technologies that don’t exist right yet. Hence, the learners have to be creative and should be willing to collaborate with others so that holistic learning could take place. Even the schools are also bringing a complete shift in their paradigm. The normal blackboards are replaced by smart learning boards. Rather than learners being a passive listener, interactive and online modules are taught in the class so as imbibe the learner with the skill of analytical thinking. In today’s scenario, the whole aim of education should be that the child is able to seek reason behind everything rather than just rote learning it. Preparing the children for future is Millennium world school, the best private school in India, offering a world of opportunities to every child.

Recently, a 15-year old class XI student, developed a ‘Password Management System’ mobile application that helps the users to store their passwords and avoid the theft of data. This has become possible because the 21st century learner is thinking beyond the boundaries and in order for this to happen, the schools have to take a leap of faith. With Internet breaking classroom barriers and introducing the learners to a whole range of courses, virtual classrooms are adding a whole new value to the future of 21st century learners. Let your child be a millenniumite breaking all barriers to conventional learning and achieving the best at the Millennium World school in 2019.

Hence the need of the hour is to empower the learner with skills that help them think beyond the confinement of syllabus. Children should be exposed to opportunities during their formative years in the school that helps them to reason, think creatively, analyse the information and thereby work collaboratively in the future.

Millennium World School, catering to skill-based education in India

Education has been the backbone of Indian society since the days of yore. In fact, it is the Indian civilization that gave mankind the concept of Gurukul, teacher-student relationship and much more. Today we are approaching the 21st century and a lot has changed. Even the education system has gone for a 360-degree shift. With globalization, technology and advancement knocking at our doors, education has to be revamped and remodeled. Now only conceptual education isn’t in a position to make our future generation knowledgeable. There is a need for something else and that is ‘Skill Based Education’, which is what we the Millennium World School, India’s best CBSE school today, is talking about.

A recent survey from MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource and Development) proves that there are approx. 1.3 million schools in India which are providing traditional education to over 228 million students. However, the most shocking fact is that almost 56.8% students discontinue from regular schools before they have even reached Class X. In today’s scenario, skill-based education is the need of the hour and what more can one ask for when the  school which is ranked among top 10 CBSE schools in India, Millennium World School, opens doors to such opportunities.  In order to achieve ‘holistic learning’, there should be a right mix of knowledge as well as skills. The desire to achieve and celebrate each moment, inculcating values, enhancing skills, catering to the need of every child through a VAK based approach, linking concepts to real life projects, encouraging critical thinking and problem solving and a whole world of opportunities, Millennium world school has left no stone unturned to ensure that learning becomes a life time experience for your child.

However, just prescribing skill-based learning in current curriculum won’t solve the problem. The students have to be made duly aware about them. Awareness about skill-based education can bring about a positive shift in making the learners aware about the actual job scenario by giving them an insight into the real work environment in the industry. Millennium World School caters to individualistic need to make the books visually appealing, activities to make the classrooms more joyful and engaging, teaching-learning strategies which give a new meaning to concepts, child-centric assessment systems and a 24/7 support in mentoring and audit which empowers the team of facilitators and supports the school in moving forward at every step. Making our future leaders visionaries and futuristic in approach, progressive in thought and giving your child the exposure in the best English medium school near you, is imperative and a decision you must take on.

So, it is time that we should start building awareness among the learners highlighting the career opportunities that skill-based education would offer to them in the present global market. It is, therefore, time for students, parents, authorities on their part to understand the importance of vocational education and take the necessary steps towards adopting skill-based education. This could in turn work as a solution for the large unemployed labour market of India and therein help propel the country towards better progress and prosperity. Hence, skill-based education is need of the hour unless we want to see a nation full of unemployed and disappointed youth or worse, the youth moving to other countries where their talent is appreciated as well as needed. Let the best K 12 CBSE school help your child achieve their dream and fulfill their aspirations every day. Become a proud Millennium parent and join the network of millenniumites today.

Millennium World School: the gateway to world of opportunities for your child

Creating lifelong learners, building a galore,
empowered by an
award winning curriculum and a legacy in store,
taking it forward to realize every dream,
giving the nation it’s true shine and

we learn, we grow, we fall, we stand tall,
we adhere, we listen, we watch, we explore,
sing, we play, we dance and we make way
to a beautiful and bright tomorrow just as we call it,
learning is best when it’s done the Millennium way.

Millennium World School, marks the beginning to a new journey for your child. It’s not about which location, which board, which book or which curriculum. It’s about the most beautiful creation of God, your child; who deserves the best and nothing but the best when it comes to education, empowerment and excelling in life.

Opening the doors to a beautiful world of opportunities is the best CBSE school now near you. Keeping the children safe and warm, empowering them with skills to apply the knowledge they gain, and become sensible and sensitive citizens making a global impact; is a mission that we have taken on this 2019. Education is a beautiful tool to change the mind and it’s only when the mind changes does the society change to being progressive. Children today are street smart, more exposed to the outside world at an early age and more aware of their needs and aspirations. The sky is the limit when it comes to opportunities that they seek for their future. Our education system should then be such as well which caters to this need of the hour.

It should be holistic, no doubt, but interesting. It should be catering to the aspiration of every parent seeking the best English medium school near them. It should have an interesting innovative curriculum which is age appropriate and brings out the hidden curiosity in every child. That is exactly what The Millennium learning System does to your child. Taking them to the next level of learning, creating an impact and building on their innate potential, Millennium world school is surely the best K 12 school near you.

Let your child grow, enjoy and understand the true meaning of being educated. Let your child move beyond books, beyond the four walls of a classroom and fly in their world of dreams. Let us, then as an education space and you as parent, ensure that we give our children the wings to fly and achieve their aspirations, to dream big, to make the impact through education which is global , meaningful and full of experiences which only make your child smile. Happy faces happy school happy parent and a dream fulfilled when you become a Millennium family member. Join a millennium world school and be a proud parent. See your child grow, think and question every aspect in life and be a leader who knows the rules of the game. We leave you on this note to reflect what your child will get by being a Millenniumite. An empowered future or a restricted structure in the mind? Let the journey begin with your one step today.