The Millennium Learning System

MLS is India's most innovative and award winning curriculum. It is child centric and pedagogically based on the developmental milestones and follows a sequential approach to learning. It is the only programme that has four distinct pedagogical stages. Unfortunately, education today teaches the same way from pre-primary to grade XII, and does not adapt itself to the specific needs of different age groups. MLS understands the need to teach the way a student learns and hence has four distinctive levels of the curriculum.

Little Millennium

LM curriculum is based on the scientifically developed 'Electic Approach' which has been created by a team of educationists who are experts in Early Childhood Development. It is based on the research findings that have shown that children in the age group of 0 to 5 learn from various external sources and also explore and learn through their internal senses.


MLS I meets the unique learning needs of children in the age group of 6 to 10 years. Every concept is brought to life through innovative activities and skill-based exercises that exercise the young minds and develop their thinking skills and creative skills. Children learn to apply their knowledge through over 300 exciting projects which are concept based.


MLS II curriculum is scientifically designed to channelize the minds of pre-adolescents in the age group of 11 to 12 years. As children of this age seek sense and meaning, while grappling with complex concepts, MLS II curriculum uses prominent role models as protagonists to explain concepts and link them to real life vocations through projects. The highlights of MLS II are the in depth assessment exercises and the Apprentice Manuals which inculcate thinking and problem solving skills in children.


As children step into adolescence, the grapple with multiple questions about their self and future. MLS III curriculum is based on brain based learning to help students to master abstract concepts. Children are also taught several memory strategies, graphic organizers and mind map which help them to achieve academic success.


MLS IV curriculum is designed for 15 -16 years olds who are at a crucial juncture of life as they are faced with challenging choices and external assessments all of which can prove to be very daunting. MLS IV provides them with strong concept clarity, critical thinking and decision making skills, and ample drill and practice which make them Examination Smart.

The futuristically inclined MLS is scientifically designed to meet the needs of learners of various levels as we have just seen. The expected outcomes of this approach are given in the table below:

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