Social Outreach

Millennium World Schools follow the principle that a responsible Samaritan should give back to the community through services that help fortify our society. Learning begins at an early age, thus it is important to inculcate certain values in the students and ensure they take pride in being part of this society.

To evoke passion in students and make them aware about their social responsibilities Millennium World School immerses the students in an environment and culture that nurtures a feeling of brotherhood, gratitude, camaraderie and love for their family, friends and society. Students are exposed to activities and outreach programs that aim to develop students into empathetic, compassionate and good human beings.

As a part of our social awareness programmes, the students are taken to nearby villages and suburbs where they volunteer and aid the residents in keeping their surroundings clean, organising plantation, environmental conservation, Literacy and happiness drives in old age homes etc.They also take up projects to eradicate social evils and issues that they feel strongly about. The school believes in empowering every individual so that they can serve their country.

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