Research & Development

For decades now we have institutionalized an education framework that served a purpose during the era it was built in. In today’s era our children need a learning system that does not standardize but personalises learning, A learning system that does not make children rote learn but helps them to assimilate and apply that knowledge and also a learning system that focuses more on learning and less on imparting information.
To ensure that we created such a futuristic and much needed learning system we asked the best brains in the country to research and develop it. They took four long years to build a scientific system that is age appropriate, pedagogically futuristic and mapped to the CBSE board.

The R & D team comprises of special educators were known content writers, subject matter experts, engineers, designers and of course educational who have decades of experience inside schools. Not only did they create intellectual property consisting of pre- school to grade XII, books, but thousands of assessments, scores of remedial worksheets, projects, activities and lesson plans for children & educators with such quantum of work one would think that they would sit back & enjoy the laurels of doing such revolutionary work but then zeal, passion and mission driven them every day to keep improving the learning system.

Innovative Textbooks

Over 2,25,000 pages of content have been developed into workbooks which are fun and facilitate learning through activities and games. These books are application-based and enable children to understand the world around them, with minimal assistance from the teacher. To ensure that the learning process is made a truly meaningful and holistic one, the children are introduced to each subject through a series of practical work and project work. Text books are linked to project files, making every concept relevant, practical and application based. This helps to make the process an experiential, enjoyable and memorable experience, ensuring that it is retained for life.


Every child has a different/ distinct way of learning and our motto is to teach the way they learn. Hence the R & D team have ensured that every lesson is taught visually, auditory and kinesthetically. Based on this more than 20,000 age appropriate activities have been designed.


Every concept learnt that has to assimilated and true knowledge emerges when applied in real life. The R & D team has created application based projects on each and every lesson taught. These could vary from easy to difficult depending upon the concept & objections of it.

Unique Dictionary

This is the first of its kind in any education system around the world. The dictionary is graded according to the level and grade of the child and consists of new words. The child is able to encounter in every subject. The purpose is to encourage young learners to improve and continuously add to their vocabulary at every step of the learning ladder.

Intuitive Assessments

While teachers teach in the class we have only trusted know how as to how much the student has learnt. Teaching & learning are synonymous & must go hand in hand. To understand how much the child has understood a concept the R & D team created more than 60,000 formative & Summative assessments. Daily creative assessments are integrated into every subject in order to better identify the strengths and limitations of each child. A specially designed program is used to interpret the data collected and the results are a part of the ongoing scientific assessment of the child. The analysis is further used to guide the children about their strengths and enable them in making future vocational choices in senior grades.

Performance Enhancement Plan (PEP)

We believe that every child learns at his/her own pace and each child is unique. We also know that some children do better in some subjects while in others they may lack behind. To ensure that the learner does well in that subject so the R & D team have created Performance Enhancement Plan which are personalised to each child’s level.

Scientific Teaching Methods

The objective is to teach children at their own natural pace. The facilitator approaches learning in a sequential manner from easy to difficult. This ensures that concept clarity leads to a strong base, before the child moves to the next higher level of learning. The teaching methods adopted ensure that every child learns in a natural and effortless way. It creates opportunities for students to tap his/her strengths, widen his/her horizon and reach hi /her highest potential. In order to reach the requisite standards, whilst allowing the gifted children opportunities to constantly engage in challenging tasks of a higher order the students with hidden strengths are taken through a personalized module to bridge existing gaps . To ensure that all this happens, the R & D team has created over 8000 teaching and learning strategies that can be used from Pre School to grade XII.

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